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Corporate Governance

CWT believes in having high standards of corporate governance, and is committed to making sure that effective self regulatory corporate practices exist to protect the interests of our shareholders and maximise long term shareholder value.

The following sections summarise the key points of our governance structure, with appended full-length documents for investors to obtain a more complete understanding of our governance practices.

Board of Directors

  • Among the most experienced and respected in the supply chain logistics industry.
  • Oversees the business affairs of the Group.
  • Brings to the table extensive and diverse experience and core competencies relevant to the Group in Leadership, Strategic & Logistics Business Management, Accounting and Legal practices.

Board Committees

  • High degree of independence: 50% of the directors of The Board are independent.
  • All directors attend the various board and committee meetings regularly.
  • Established specific committees (Audit and Nominating & Remuneration Committees) to deal with respective subject matter, each of which has its respective terms of reference and operating procedures.
  • Regular review and enhancement of policies and practices.

Adherence to National Standard of Corporate Governance

  • Adheres to the change to Code of Corporate Governance dated 2 May 2012.
  • Observes the spirit of the SGX corporate governance principles in developing and reviewing corporate governance policies and practices.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

  • Implemented an internal Code of Ethics and Conduct to guide employee behaviour. The Group seeks the cooperation of all its employees, vendors and other counterparts to ensure compliance with this code.
  • Process for sourcing contractors and other vendors are ISO certified, which encompasses their meeting our requirements on delivery, price and specifications.