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Corporate Social Responsibility

As an industry leader, CWT is committed to developing and maintaining sustainable, responsible practices in its global operations. Key areas of emphasis include stakeholder engagement, community involvement, the environment, health and safety, human resources and governance.

Stakeholder Engagement

CWT engages with employees, customers, investors, governments and other stakeholders about social responsibility issues of interest to them and its business. Such engagement enables CWT to provide updates, obtain insights, build strong relationships and identify strengths and opportunities to improve its performance.

CWT engages with employees daily through a variety of internal communication channels. It is committed to conducting its business with honesty and integrity, and requires employees to adhere to CWT Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which summarizes the company's ethical standards and key policies in areas such as compliance with laws and regulations, insider trading, conflicts of interest, fair dealing, and interaction with public officials, and provides relevant information about expected behavior.

Maintaining the trust of customers and partners is important to CWT's success. CWT interacts with them daily in the conduct of its business through its Sales teams and Customer Support Organization. CWT values customer feedback, which CWT uses to help shape its plans and strategies.

CWT also engages with investors through its investor relations website which is updated regularly and contains company announcements, stock and financial information as well as contact details to facilitate ease of enquiries.

In addition, CWT engages with governments at all levels on issues important to CWT, the logistics industry and communities where we operate.

Community Involvement

CWT's community involvement and corporate giving efforts are aligned with its business operations which included the annual provision of transportation logistics for the Children's Cancer Foundation's 'Hair for Hope' fund-raising campaign in support of children patients. CWT also supports charitable organizations which count the less privileged, young and needy children as beneficiaries. In addition, CWT's employees participated in various activities to promote healthy living and donated their time through volunteer and outreach activities. CWT will continue to look for new opportunities to expand its community involvement efforts.

Environment, Health and Safety

CWT is committed to reducing the impact of operations and providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees. CWT's Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management systems approach enables sustainable and effective methods needed to enhance company-wide EHS performance. CWT's EHS policy sets out the guiding principles for the management system and lays the foundation for a robust health and safety management systems to provide a framework for continuous improvements in risk reduction and mitigation.

Employees at CWT are responsible for their individual safety as well as that of others. CWT believes the key to building and maintaining a safety culture is through integration and involvement. CWT's safety committees and work teams continue to lead and drive employee responsibility and participation toward this cause.

In addition, CWT is recognized with Responsible Care, the chemical industry's global initiative to continuously improve operations in terms of EHS standards.

Human Resources

CWT is committed to having a diverse workforce, and to providing an inclusive and supportive environment where all employees are valued and participate fully in the CWT employment experience. CWT believes employees' talents will be utilized to the fullest and organizational performance will be strengthened in a diverse and supportive environment.

Attracting, retaining and motivating the best people will position CWT at the forefront of the industry. To sustain a diverse, high-performing team environment, CWT invests in a wide range of benefits programs around the world to promote the health, well-being and productivity of employees. It has also put in place a compensation strategy focused on providing base pay that is competitive with local market conditions, supplemented by incentive pay opportunities that reward performance. In addition, to support employee learning and development, CWT encourages employees to acquire new knowledge and skills through various enrichment and training courses.


CWT's corporate governance standards are set at the highest level of the company, starting with the Board of Directors, and flow down through every level of the company. Corporate governance at CWT spans many aspects of the company's operations, practices and procedures and includes guidelines and mechanisms that promote ethical corporate behavior designed to protect shareholders and various stakeholders while maximizing investor returns.

CWT's Board has long adhered to sound corporate governance practices. The Board has adopted and disclosed Corporate Governance Guidelines to clarify how it exercises its responsibilities to CWT's stakeholders. Additionally, these guidelines demonstrate that the Board has the necessary authority and practices in place to review and evaluate CWT's business operations as appropriate and to make decisions that are independent of CWT's management.