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Corporate governance is an enduring value which delivers returns for our company and the foundation upon which we build our leadership culture and reputation for integrity.

Our governance standards are set at the highest level of the company, starting with the Board of Directors, and flow down through every level of the company. Corporate governance at CWT spans many aspects of the company's operations, practices and procedures and includes guidelines and mechanisms designed to promote ethical corporate behaviour and protect company stakeholders while strengthening corporate performance.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

We have implemented an internal Code of Ethics and Conduct to guide employee behaviour and seeks the cooperation of all of our employees, vendors and other counterparts to ensure compliance with this code. In addition, our process for sourcing contractors and other vendors are ISO certified, which encompasses their meeting our requirements on delivery, price and specifications.

Group Tax Strategy

CWT Group’s tax strategy has been created to articulate and communicate the Group’s worldwide tax strategy and strategic tax objectives. CWT Group’s approach to tax seeks to align with the long-term interests of all its stakeholders, including employees and governments.