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Loi Pok Yen

Group CEO

Mr Loi became a board director and assumed the position of Group CEO in January 2005 after privately-owned logistics company C & P Holdings acquired CWT. He leads the executive team in strengthening the Group's businesses and market competitiveness for the long term success of the CWT Group. Prior to joining CWT, Mr Loi was responsible for the construction of warehouses and running the logistics business operations at C & P. From 1995 to 1997, he helped oversee and build Myanmar International Terminals Thilawa (MITT), Myanmar's largest port. Mr Loi has been instrumental in transforming the CWT Group into a global enterprise and Forbes Asia's Fab 50 company. In 2014, he was interviewed and featured in Forbes Asia September edition. In 2013, Mr Loi was named EY Entrepreneur of the Year - Logistics Winner. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Honors) degree.

Lynda Goh

Deputy Group CEO & Group CFO

Mrs Goh was appointed Deputy Group CEO & Group CFO in July 2008. She leads the CWT Group with a very strong financial and operating background, having held various senior positions in CWT since 1991. In her current capacity, Mrs Goh's key role is to assist the Group CEO in the corporate development and strategic expansion, corporate finance and general management of the CWT Group of companies. She is also responsible for managing the Group's engineering business, investments, treasury, financial, human resource and corporate affairs. In 2013, she was named Best CFO for listed companies in the mid cap category at the Singapore Corporate Awards in recognition of her financial leadership. Mrs. Goh is a Chartered Accountant of Singapore and Fellow of Chartered Certified Accountant (UK).

Adam Slater

Deputy Group CEO & CEO, Commodity Logistics

Mr Slater joined CWT as CEO, Commodity Logistics in October 2006 and was promoted to Deputy Group CEO in July 2012. In his current capacity, he oversees the development and expansion of Supply Chain Management business of the Group. He is also responsible for the day-to-day management of the commodity logistics related businesses across Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North & South America and Oceania. Mr Slater has been working in the commodity logistics industry since 1997. Prior to that, he was a metal trader in China for five years. Mr Slater holds a Bachelor of Art in East Asian Studies from McGill University and also studied Chinese language at Fudan University.

Tan Choon Wei

CEO, Freight Logistics

Mr Tan was appointed CEO, Freight Logistics in January 2005 and spearheads the freight logistics arm of the CWT Group. He joined CWT in 1988 and has been instrumental in the Group's regional development and expansion over the past two decades. Mr Tan is also the Executive Chairman of CWT Globelink Group since January 2002, overseeing the freight consolidation business of the CWT Group. He brings to CWT vast industry domain knowledge and experience, having worked in the logistics and marine related industry since 1973. Prior to joining CWT, Mr Tan was with PSA holding various senior positions in Container Terminal, conventional wharves, bulk cargo operations and warehousing business.

Alan Kuek

CEO, Commodity Marketing

Mr Kuek was appointed CEO, Commodity Marketing in May 2013 and heads up MRI Group. As the commodity marketing business arm of the CWT Group, the division is actively marketing physical non-ferrous metals, bulk minerals and gas oil. Mr Kuek has been working in origination and structured financing in banks and commodity traders since 1997. He joined MRI in February 2012 as Global Head of Structured Commodity Finance and Origination and is instrumental in developing the oil trading business. Prior to joining MRI, he held senior positions with Trafigura and BNP Paribas Singapore, where one of his transactions was awarded Deal of the Year by Trade and Forfaiting Review in 2008. Mr Kuek graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) in Economics.

Jeremy Ang

CEO, Financial Services

Mr Ang was appointed CEO, Financial Services in April 2011. He heads up Straits Financial Group, the financial services arm of the CWT Group engaged in the offering of futures and derivatives trade, forex, bullion and Over-the-Counter (OTC) brokerage services. Mr Ang is an industry veteran, especially in the global derivatives market, having worked in the futures industry since 1980. Prior to joining CWT, he held leadership positions with the Singapore Exchange (SGX), Singapore Commodity Exchange (SICOM), DBS Vickers Securities (Singapore) and the REFCO Group.

Martin Versteeg

CEO, CWT Europe

Mr Versteeg was appointed CEO, CWT Europe in January 2011. He is responsible for the development and expansion of the Group's logistics business in Europe and Africa. Mr Versteeg is an industry veteran, having worked in the soft commodities logistics industry since 1974. In 2009, Mr Versteeg was awarded the prestigious Amsterdam Ports Medal by the Amsterdam Ports Association in recognition of his significant contribution towards strengthening and reinforcing the prestige of Amsterdam ports. He is currently a board member of the European Cocoa Association in Brussels, the European Warehouse Keepers Federation in Amsterdam and Amsterdam Ports Association. Mr Versteeg holds a Master's degree in law from VU University of Amsterdam.

Foo Say Chuang

Managing Director, Warehousing & Business Development

Mr Foo was appointed Managing Director, Warehousing & Business Development in July 2007. He is responsible for the development and expansion of the Group's logistics business in Singapore and the regional market, including Russia, India, Malaysia and Thailand. Mr Foo brings to CWT strong domain knowledge and vast experience across various industries including Port Terminals, Shipping, Food & Beverage and Fast Moving Consumer Goods. He has been involved in logistics and related work since 1979. Mr Foo holds a Bachelor of Business in Transport from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, a Diploma in Shipping Management (Maritime Studies) and a Diploma in Sales & Marketing.

Kay Kong Swan

CEO, Integrated Logistics

Mr Kay joined CWT as CEO, Container Logistics in May 2007 when OCWS Logistics was acquired by the CWT Group. Prior to the acquisition, he had been instrumental in developing and expanding the logistics businesses in OCWS as the General Manager since 1995. In CWT, Mr Kay's portfolio was enlarged to include transportation, yard storage, distribution and warehousing as well as other value-adding logistics businesses of the Group. In December 2013, he was redesignated as CEO, Integrated Logistics to reflect his larger portfolio and increased responsibilities. Prior to joining the logistics industry, he was involved in engineering and management consultancy for more than ten years. Mr Kay holds a Master's degree in Business Analysis (with distinction) from the University of Lancaster, UK.

Leaw Tiew San

CEO, Contract Logistics (Asia Pacific)

Mr Leaw was appointed CEO, Contract Logistics in July 2012. He heads up Cold Chain Logistics (Food & Beverage), Chemical Logistics, Industrial & Consumer Logistics and Bonded Logistics for contract logistics business in Asia Pacific. Mr Leaw has been instrumental in developing and expanding the contract logistics business. Formerly from C & P Holdings, he joined CWT as a sales director and was soon promoted to managing director. Mr Leaw has been working in sales & marketing and the logistics sector since 1998. He was appointed as Director (Logistics & Distribution) for Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) in 2013. Mr Leaw graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor degree in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

BG (RET) Ishak Ismail

CEO, Defence Services

BG (RET) Ishak was appointed CEO, Defence Services in April 2012. He heads up CWT Defence Services Division which provides integrated logistics, procurement and supply, and engineering solutions for the defence, homeland security and rescue industries. BG (RET) Ishak has vast management and military experience with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), having served the army since 1982. In 2008, he received the Public Administration Medal for his significant contributions to the armed forces. Prior to joining CWT, he was a senior vice president with ST Electronics where he was responsible in managed services to mainly MINDEF and the SAF. BG (RET) Ishak is currently a board director of the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore and the Chairman of the Advisory Panel for the SAF Advanced Schools, SAFTI Military Institute. He is also a member of the External Review Panel on SAF Safety. BG (RET) Ishak holds a Master's in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore.

Daniel Tok

Deputy CEO, Freight Logistics

Mr Tok was appointed Deputy CEO, Freight Logistics in January 2012. He oversees the overall development of the freight logistics arm and implements the strategic directions of the CWT Globelink network. Mr Tok has been working in the freight industry since 1982. He joined CWT as Chief Operating Officer of CWT Globelink Group in 2008 prior to his current appointment.

Ong Yan Wah Oliver

Managing Director, Infrastructure Development

Mr Ong was appointed Managing Director, Infrastructure Development in July 2011. He is the key person in developing, building and expanding all of the Group's logistics infrastructure facilities in Singapore and the regional market, including China and Malaysia. Mr Ong joined CWT as a senior manager in 2006 and was promoted to Director in 2008 prior to his current appointment. He is highly innovative and experienced, having worked in the construction and property management sector since 1996. Mr Ong graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.