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Business Overview

CWT Limited, together with its subsidiaries, (collectively "CWT Group") provides integrated logistics solutions and related services ancillary to its core logistics business. CWT Group has four operating business segments: (1) Logistics Services; (2) Commodity Marketing; (3) Financial Services; and (4) Engineering Services.

(1) Logistics Services
Logistics Services segment provides warehousing, transportation and distribution, freight management, cargo consolidation, container management services, and supply chain management services such as procurement, inventory management, packing and packaging, and other value-add services.

(2) Commodity Marketing
Commodity Marketing segment engages in physical trading and supply chain management of base metal non-ferrous concentrates with predominant focus on copper, lead, zinc and other minor metals, and energy products like naphtha and distillates; and physical trading and structured trade services of refined base metals and other exchange-traded products.

(3) Financial Services
Financial Services segment offers financial brokerage services, structured trade services and asset management services.

(4) Engineering Services
Engineering Services segment manages and maintains facilities, vehicles, and equipment fleet; supplies and installs engineering products; manages properties; and provides design-and-build solutions for logistics properties.

Logistics Services and Commodity Marketing segments are managed on a worldwide basis and operate principally in Singapore, China, other parts of Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa. Financial Services segment operates mainly in China, Singapore and North America. Engineering Services segment operates primarily in Singapore.

Summary of Service Offerings

Business Model

CWT adopts an integrated business model and holistic approach with logistics at the core of its diversified business activities. CWT's ability to integrate its businesses and strengths from its logistics competencies, global resources and network adds value for its customers and stakeholders. CWT is committed to business sustainability and growth through strengthening resources and optimising scale, maximising business and economic synergies, growing revenue and maintaining financial prudence. In addition, CWT adopts a capital recycling strategy through the sale and leaseback of property to fund new business development and expansion.

Competitive Strengths

CWT's success depends on its ability to execute and deliver operating and financial performance leveraging its underlying competitive strengths.

Proven track record and innovative logistics capabilities
CWT has 47 years of track record in providing integrated logistics services to customers and continues to deliver class leading solutions to help customers address complex business challenges. The Group retools customers' distribution networks and helps them accelerate time-to-market, realize cost efficiencies and ensure supply chain integrity.

Global network and logistics infrastructure
The Group's global network connects customers to around 200 direct ports and 1,600 inland destinations. CWT's logistics facilities in Asia and Europe serve as regional distribution hubs, which enable customers to enjoy efficient operations for the storage, movement and distribution of goods.

Bench strength in CWT's management team
CWT has a diversified management structure. Each of the Group's business units is led by an experienced and knowledgeable management team. Capitalizing on a collaborative management culture, CWT aims to maximize its intra-group synergies.

A strong brand and long-standing relationships with customers
CWT's continued focus on delivering reliable and class leading solutions has distinguished CWT as a valued brand in its various markets. The CWT brand signifies innovation, quality and reliability of CWT's products and services. This reputation, coupled with the recruitment and retention of dedicated and experienced staff, has allowed CWT to develop and retain long-standing relationships with customers over the past 47 years. CWT's brand value and reputation are important intangible assets, enabling CWT to enter into new markets and to attract and retain a diverse customer base.

Prudent and conservative financial profile
CWT maintains a conservative financial profile which gives it a strong competitive position and makes it a preferred counterparty. CWT's balanced risk profile and prudent cost management practices have created a sound foundation for its future growth and expansion.