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Financial Services

Brokerage and financial services

CWT's subsidiary Straits Financial Group, through its subsidiaries in Asia and North America, provides brokerage, trading and financial services relating to physical commodities, commodities futures and options, over the counter broking business, managed funds, principal and bilateral forward contracts to institutional and individual investors. CWT also provides collateralised trade financing services for physical cargo.

Straits Financial LLC (SFLLC), a majority owned subsidiary of SF Group, is a member of National Futures Association of the United States and also a registered Futures Commission Merchant (FCM). It is a full clearing member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, the New York Mercantile Exchange, the Commodity Exchange, the Dubai Mercantile Exchange, and the New Zealand Exchange. With the aforementioned memberships, SFLLC offers trading and clearing services to its customer. Its sister companies are also able to provide trading and clearing services to their respective customer through an omnibus account opened with SFLLC.

Straits Financial Services Pte Ltd (SFSPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of SF Group, is licensed by MAS as a Capital Market Intermediary for trading in futures contracts. SFSPL is also a holder of Commodity Broking Licence issued by International Enterprise (IE) Singapore. With the aforementioned two licences and through its sister company SFLLC, SFSPL is able to offer trading, broking, and clearing services for a wide spectrum of products listed on various exchanges to its customer.

Besides SFLLC and SFSPL, SF Group have two subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Indonesia, namely Straits Financial (Hong Kong) Limited and P.T Straits Futures Indonesia, that are licensed by their respective local authority to provide trading and clearing services.