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CWT's core logistics services include warehousing and inventory management; land-based transportation and distribution; and freight management and LCL consolidation. CWT provides integrated logistics solutions to virtually all key industry sectors, with a focus on niche market verticals such as commodities, chemicals, industrials, F&B and wine, shipping and oil & gas; and value-adding within each vertical.

The major customers of CWT's logistics services business include world leading oil & gas; chemical; diesel engine; and market expansion services companies and major shipping lines; international freight forwarders; and commodities producers/traders.

Logistics Services consist of the following main divisions: warehousing; freight logistics; commodity logistics; integrated logistics; contract logistics; and defence services.


CWT is a leading warehouse operator and the market leader in developing and providing ramp-up warehouses for higher operating efficiency in Singapore. CWT operates warehouses for commodities, chemicals and petrochemicals, cold chain, bonded/dutiable cargo and general cargo.

CWT's latest logistics infrastructure is a 2.4 million sq. ft.-multi-storey mega integrated logistics hub in Singapore which was completed in 2017. The mega hub will house essential interrelated logistics and supporting activities under a single roof to create an 'hub within a hub' ecosystem of logistics clusters and sub-clusters for optimal resource utilisation and flow synergy, resulting in economies of scale, higher operating efficiency and cost effectiveness for CWT's customers and the supply chain industry.

Freight Logistics

CWT's freight logistics division CWT Globelink provides freight management and related services including Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) consolidation, container freight station operations, dangerous goods cargo handling, sea-air services, buyer's consolidation and general freight forwarding.

The division is among the top NVOCC leaders for LCL globally, with a significant network effect in Asia Pacific. CWT's freight logistics division connects its customers to around 200 direct ports and 1,600 inland destinations through its regional offices and worldwide network of service partners. As of December 31, 2016, the division has more than 100 offices across 29 countries.

Commodity Logistics

CWT's commodity logistics division CWT Commodities specialises in the storage and handling of soft and hard commodities through the provision of warehouse management services. The division is a prominent player in LME warehousing operations in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and a leading provider of inventory management services in Asia. It also offers a wide range of logistics services for soft commodities in Europe and Africa and is ICE/CME approved for the storage of cocoa beans and coffee.

The division offers its commodity logistics services to international traders, producers and trade & commodity finance banks. It operates regional offices and through its network of service partners in Asia, Europe, Africa and the USA.

Integrated Logistics

CWT's integrated logistics division CWT Integrated provides distribution and container services which serve customers largely from the downstream market. Its distribution services include warehousing & 3PL management with value-add packing and packaging solutions; container trucking and local distribution; and cross-docking hub management.

For container services, the division provides storage, maintenance and repair services for all types of marine containers including general purpose containers, refrigerated containers and ISO tanks. Some of CWT's container depot facilities are equipped with state of the art ISO tank cleaning stations and environmental-friendly waste treatment systems for the cleaning of chemicals in ISO tanks.

Contract Logistics

CWT's contract logistics division offers regional distribution hub and onsite logistics services. It specialises in cold chain logistics, chemical logistics, bonded logistics, wine logistics and industrial & consumer logistics services.

The division provides a comprehensive range of supply chain solutions such as temperature-controlled and dangerous goods logistics facilities and inventory management; freight management; local distribution; and primary value-add services like liquid drumming and blending, packing and packaging.

Defence Services

As a regional solutions provider for security, defence and rescue gear and equipment, CWT, through its subsidiary Force 21 Equipment, designs and delivers a wide range of products catered for the various operations required by different defence agencies including personal and field equipment, CBRN protection and homeland security solutions.