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In today's increasingly competitive global marketplace, companies face soaring costs, squeezed margins and mounting pressures to get their products to market in extremely short lead times while ensuring highly reliable delivery. As a result, supply chain cost, delivery lead time and delivery reliability are fast becoming real differentiators against the competition.

At CWT, we work with you to turn your logistics challenges into a substantial competitive edge:

  • Reliable and robust solutions
  • Streamline supply chain
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Flexibility for future scalability
  • Accelerate business growth

With almost 50 years of proven track record serving large MNCs and local enterprises, we are well-positioned to take advantage of our superior logistics competencies, vast domain knowledge and in-depth understanding of the market dynamics to be your logistics partner of choice.

We provide integrated logistics solutions to virtually all key industry sectors, with a focus on niche market verticals such as commodities, chemicals/petrochemicals, food and wine, industrials, oil & gas and shipping; and value-adding within each vertical. Our diversified customer base includes world leading oil & gas, chemical, diesel engine, market expansion services companies, major shipping lines, international freight forwarders, and commodities producers/traders.

Our holistic approach to your logistics needs cover:

Supply chain engineering

  • Analysis, planning, design and execution of supply chain and logistics activities
  • Design and construction of warehouse infrastructure
  • Facilitation of structured financing

Logistics management

  • Planning, scheduling and implementing logistics activities
  • Warehousing, material handling, packaging, order fulfillment and inventory control
  • Inbound and outbound transportation and distribution of goods including fleet management and freight management/coordination among carriers
  • 3PL management and control procedures

Learn more about our core and niche logistics services.
Warehousing & Integrated Logistics
Commodity Logistics
Freight Logistics
Container Logistics
Chemical/Petrochemical Logistics
Cold Chain Logistics
Wine Logistics

Warehousing & Integrated Logistics

We provide regional and local logistics distribution hub services leveraging Singapore's strategic geographical location and infrastructure network as well as our industry leading position and solid track record in warehousing and integrated logistics.

Warehousing and inventory management

We manage over 11 million sq. ft. of global warehouse space to meet your logistics needs. These warehouse facilities are located in close proximity to container terminals and ports for ease of access and faster delivery of your goods.

In Singapore, we are the leading developer and operator of multi-level ramp-up warehouse facilities with high ceilings and large floor plates up to 450,000 sq. ft. Our spacious warehouses allow you to configure your supply chain design flow and consolidate your multi-location operations under one roof for higher operating efficiency, without having to worry about warehouse space constraint for future expansion.

Our proprietary in-house warehouse management system (WMS) effectively tracks and manages your inventory, while our integrated supply chain management (iSCM) system helps you with optimum supply chain planning.

With a focus on serving niche market segments, we provide specialised warehousing including:

  • London Metals Exchange (LME) approved warehousing for LME metals
  • Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and London International Financial Futures and Options (LIFFE) approved warehousing for soft commodities
  • Dangerous Goods (DG) warehousing for chemicals/petrochemicals
  • Cold chain/ multi-temperature controlled warehousing for food and wine
  • Bonded warehousing for customs-approved and duty-free goods

Depending on your industry, we also provide relevant value-added services like packing, packaging, liquid drumming, blending, stock sampling, labeling, procurement and many more based on your requirements. Additionally, you can tap on our extensive warehouse design and construction experience to help you design, build and operate warehouses critical to your supply chain solutions.

Land-based transportation and distribution

We provide island-wide and cross border bulk trucking and distribution for chemicals, pallets and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). We own one of the largest container trucking fleets of different chassis configurations in Singapore and are Fire Safety Bureau (FSB) licensed to transport and handle inflammable goods.

We also provide cross-docking hub management services in Singapore with our TransHub operations. TransHub is patented for its design-flow concept for managing transportation resources and transporting freight containers. Through efficient monitoring, prompt response and speedy fleet deployment, we increase fleet productivity while reducing traffic congestion, resulting in time and cost savings. In addition, our vertical chassis parking system in TransHub offers an efficient way to store and retrieve chassis for deployment on-demand.

With a dedicated IT control room of integrated systems linked to the IT systems of our customers, vendors and relevant government statutory boards, we are able to provide you with optimum route planning, track fleet location and delivery status, as well as inform our drivers of real-time traffic conditions.

Freight management/forwarding and LCL consolidation

Global network with seamless connectivity

  • Wide presence and coverage – 200 ports in 100 countries and increasing
  • Direct services and port pairs – over 1,600 port pairs and increasing
  • High sailing frequencies – multiple sailings per week
  • Strong hubs and gateways – route optimisation and turnkey solutions
  • Hinterland and inland reach – over 1,600 origins and destinations

Leading LCL Consolidator

  • Asia market leader in LCL consolidation
  • Neutral NVOCC with the largest network in Asia
  • More than 200 TEUs, 5 million cubic metres of LCL cargo handled annually

Container Freight Station operator

  • Largest private Container Freight Station (CFS) operator in Singapore with comprehensive global connection in and out of the hub, connecting out-ports to all major trade lanes
  • Ownership/control of CFS in key hubs and gateways in Jebel Ali (Dubai), Port Klang (Malaysia) and Barcelona (Spain)

Turnkey LCL hub/gateway solutions

  • Inbound services
  • In-transit inventory management
  • Stuffing/un-stuffing of consolidation boxes
  • Transportation
  • Cargo releasing
  • Other ancillary/ value-add services

Well-established technology systems

  • Track & Trace provides shipment visibility from booking to cargo release
  • e-Schedule allows ease of search with readily available sailing information for planning purpose
  • e-Booking enhances productivity with ease of booking and in real time
  • Global Account Tariff allows easy online access to centrally filed tariffs

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Container Logistics

We provide in-house container management services for all types of marine containers at our own container depots and tank cleaning/repair facilities, including:

  • General purpose container storage, maintenance and repair
  • Reefer container storage and repair
  • ISO tank storage, cleaning and repair

Container depot operations

We have container depot operations in Singapore, Malaysia and China. Our container depots are strategically located within close proximity to sea ports and capable of storing containers up to an 8-high configuration. This innovative layout provides both optimum efficiency for clearance and easy retrieval, ensuring fast turnarounds for hauliers. Our container information system runs on a globally accessible Internet-based computing platform to provide a highly efficient information flow to our customers. With our e-Business applications, you get real-time information that facilitates operational visibility while giving you greater control and flexibility in your container fleet operations.

General purpose container maintenance and repair

We provide a one-stop comprehensive range of container repairs and maintenance services with a fast turnaround time for damaged steel and/or aluminum containers in all weather conditions. Our delivery standards are backed by modern infrastructure, a strong structural repair workforce and IICL certified inspection team. Besides fulfilling customer expectations in any emergency, our repairs also meet the most stringent quality standards.

Reefer container maintenance and repair

We provide complete reefer containers testing, reefer structural and machinery repairs and general maintenance. Our team of technicians is highly skilled and experienced to handle all kinds of repairs including modifications to any type of containers. Regular in-house and external training are provided to ensure that our team stays in the forefront of technological growth and development.

ISO tank repair and cleaning

Our container depot facilities are equipped with state of the art ISO tank cleaning stations and environmental-friendly waste treatment systems for the cleaning of chemicals in ISO tanks. Designed in full cooperation with the United Kingdom's AEA Technology (AEAT), the tank cleanout station is an archetype of the latest and most environmentally-friendly technology, which engages Nano filtration and Reverse Osmosis as the filtration media. This high capacity, automated facility features hot, cold or steam wash with spinners, programmed wash formulas, refined ventilation system as well as toxic scrubber.

Supported fully by the latest, high performance cleaning database system, the facility is further enhanced to give the highest quality and consistent results for every cleanout. Each and every process of the tank cleanout and the effluent treatment system conforms to the most stringent international regulations. To complement this service, we also provide a full range of repairs and maintenance for tank containers which include statutory testing, shell repair, removal of pitting and discoloration, passivation, frame repair and other general maintenance.

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Chemical/Petrochemical Logistics

We provide safe, reliable and cost-effective regional distribution hub services, in-plant logistics and customised supply chain solutions to leading chemical and petrochemical companies.

Regional distribution hub

Leveraging on Singapore's strategic location and excellent port connectivity of over 600 vessels weekly, we offer comprehensive warehousing, transportation and freight management services featuring an experienced workforce, online inventory management and customised supply chain solutions. Complementing our regional hub operations, we also provide related value-add services such as liquid blending and drumming, packing and packaging, among others. Our solutions enable a cost-effective supply chain strategy that provides customers more flexibility over their inventory and speed to the market that is second to none.

Onsite logistics

Our people are trained and experienced in the design, process re-engineering, implementation and maintenance of customers' plant operations.

Our in-plant logistics services include:

  • Traffic management
  • Warehouse operations
  • Material handling
  • Inventory management
  • Blending
  • Drumming
  • Freight management
  • Local distribution
  • Packaging operations
  • Waste disposal & recycling management

Supply chain solutions

We design, build and operate a comprehensive range of asset-based supply chain solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industry. We strive to meet the increased flexibility required by customers as they seek to gain a competitive edge in the growth markets of Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Our supply chain solutions include:

  • General and Hazardous Material storage facilities
  • Liquid Blending and Drumming facilities
  • Site Logistics assets
  • Container and ISO tank yards
  • Transportation fleets
  • Terminal facilities
  • Packaging facilities

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Cold Chain Logistics

We specialise in Cold Chain Logistics with more than ten years of proven track record delivering warehousing and logistics solutions for the Food industry in Singapore. Our self-owned 750,000-sq. ft. cold hub facility at 6 Fishery Port Road offers the largest and best featured multi-temperature controlled logistics facility in Singapore. It provides freezer, air-conditioned and ambient storage to food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

Our customised cold chain logistics solution comes with:

  • Front-end iSCM solution which allows direct linkages with customer ERP
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) for the management of all cargo movements and handling services
  • ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, ISO22339, HACCP certified processes
  • State-of-the-art logistics infrastructure with:
    • Well insulated units that offer freezer storage
    • -18°C, air-conditioned and ambient storage facilities
    • Temperature monitoring and tracking system
    • Well-designed layout that improves cargo turnaround time
    • Unbroken cold chain connectivity
    • AVA Inspection Room
    • Capability to store Halal and non-Halal products
    • 24/7 security

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