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We provide integrated commodity services to worldwide customers. Our core business is commodity marketing, supplemented by our financial services and integrated logistics platform to form an industrial chain linkage. In addition, we provide design, build and maintenance services through our engineering business arm.

Commodity Marketing
Commodity Marketing segment engages in physical trading and supply chain management of base metal non-ferrous concentrates with predominant focus on copper, lead, zinc and other minor metals, and energy products like naphtha and distillates; and physical trading and structured trade services of refined base metals and other exchange-traded products.

Financial Services
Financial Services segment offers financial brokerage services and structured trade services.

Logistics Services
Logistics Services segment provides warehousing, transportation and distribution, freight management, cargo consolidation, container management services, and supply chain management services such as procurement, inventory management, packing and packaging, and other value-add services.

Engineering Services
Engineering Services segment manages and maintains facilities, vehicles, and equipment fleet; supplies and installs engineering products; manages properties; and provides design-and-build solutions for logistics properties.

Commodity Marketing and Logistics Services segments are managed on a worldwide basis and operate principally in Singapore, China, other parts of Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa. Financial Services segment operates mainly in China, Singapore and North America. Engineering Services segment operates primarily in Singapore.